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Barcaldine. Aged Care Facility.

The Barcaldine community has been fundraising for the past decade to raise funds to construct a facility for independent living for the our seniors who no longer need or want large homes. Fundraising activities have centred around catering for community events. Funds raised exceeded $1m in 2018, boosted by a significant contribution of $405,000 from the sale proceeds of the former Barcaldine Club. Barcaldine Regional Council gifted the land in Bauhinia Street for the construction of the facility which may ultimately comprise 7 x 2 bed detached, 10 x 2 bed duplex and 8 x 1 bed duplex units. The focal point of this essential community driven asset is a Community Centre comprising a recreation hall, offices and overnight accommodation. Long term plans also envisage a site for an intermediate care facility.  GBA Consulting Engineers have been a significant contributor to this project by providing in kind project management advice as well as a cash contribution to engage the project’s Architects. The firm’s Partners see this facility as underpinning the investment provided by other programs to support the ageing population and thereby enable our seniors to remain in this very close and supportive community.


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