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GBA Consulting Engineers was involved in detailed design, procurement, contract administration, and project management of the Keilambete Road Pave and Seal project for Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC). Keilambete Road originates at Rubyvale and travels, generally, in a westerly direction.

Before, Keilambete Road

After sealing, Keilambete Road

The project was focused on improvements to road safety and driver experience, and works included bulk earthworks, drainage upgrades, formation widening, bitumen sealing, line marking and signage.


Map of Job Site, Keilambete Road

Around 4.5km of Keilambete Road was previously sealed, and we worked to design a further 2.87km along the undulating terrain, which had challenging horizontal geometry, following the ridge line.


Our team started the design process in July 2019, followed by construction in February 2021, and completed in May 2021. We worked collaboratively with CHRC and Cooper McCullough Group, a local contractor based in Emerald specialising in delivering civil infrastructure projects. We're proud of the synergetic relationship between the parties which allowed for the works to be completed 3 months early, and for additional works to be carried out to benefit the community, including the re-sealing of the existing sealed section and the relocation and refurbishment of a tourist lookout.

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