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GBA Consulting Engineers were recently involved in the design and project management of the Lark Quarry Road upgrade, 110km south west of Winton. This is a QRA Betterment project, involving the paving and sealing of 4.6km the road, improving the lives of the local communities. We worked alongside Winton Shire Council who self performed the pavement construction, and RPQ who undertook the sealing.

The seal will improve safety and accessibility of the track for tourists to access Lark Quarry Conservation Park that frequently scours out due to high storm flow velocities. Lark Quarry is proving to be a very popular tourist destination for the Winton region and together with the Australian Age of Dinosaurs which attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Winton annually.

Images of before and during the sealing of the Lark Quarry road:

A video of the project underway:

Video credit: Winton Shire Council



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