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RISE OF THE REGIONS: New study finds 1 in 5 city residents are looking to move to the regions

New research by Regional Institute Australia (RIA) has found one out of every five people living in Australian capital cities are considering a move to regional Australia. In response to this opportunity to create a more balanced population settlement, RIA has launched their Move to More campaign.

McCrindle confirmed this trend is well underway, finding Australia is experiencing a population shift to the regions, according to the latest internal migration data released by the ABS. This 'Rise of the Regions’ is counter to the historical trend of Australia being a capital-city centric nation.

In 2020:

Queensland grew by 30,018 people, whereas New South Wales and Victoria recorded declines.
233,110 Australians moved to live in regional areas, and 190,200 people departed for the capitals , resulting in a net gain of 43,000 people for the regions - double from the previous year (18,900 in 2019)
Around 37% of Australia's population live in regional Australia

Main factors drawing people to regional Australia:

  • Sense of space

  • Connecting with the natural

  • Overall improved wellbeing

  • Regional affordability

  • Feeling a sense of community

  • Connecting more with family

  • Avoiding roads and traffic congestion

  • Reducing general stress and anxiety

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