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The Barcaldine Tree of Knowledge Festival is a jam packed long weekend of fun, mateship and entertainment with a wide range of events. The Festival highlights our regions proud history whilst showcasing modern attractions and outback life. Barcaldine is well known as the birthplace of the Australian Labour Party and every year, over the May Day weekend, the town bursts with parades, tourists and celebrations.

This year's festival saw celebrations of a vast array of activities including the TAB Race Day at the outback’s turf track, RevFest, the Rugby League local derby with the Barcaldine Sandgoanna’s versing the Alpha Brumbies (28-10) and of course the famous goat races. We even saw our Premier of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk in the grandstands.

On Labour Day, our team proudly participated in the annual May Day Parade celebrating the achievements of workers and remembering the first meeting of the Australian Labour Party in Barcaldine, under the Tree of Knowledge.

We hope to see you all celebrating with us again next May Day!


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