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GBA’s contribution to the Birdsville Community

GBA Consulting Engineers values the connection with our community where we live and we continue to strive in contributing positively to our region. This time we had the opportunity to provide critical assistance by creating an action plan to support the community in Birdsville.

In February 2023, GBA was informed that the Birdsville water pump was no longer working and as a result, the town did not have water. GBA immediately worked on establishing an action plan to provide a possible solution. However, the roads were closed due to the region being flooded and transport by road was not an option.

GBA decided to engage our Pilot and Engineer Nathan to fly the local Boulia plumber, Dan Brosnan - Dab Fab Industrial, and electrician Will Piasecki from Mt Isa – WHP Electrical and Refrigeration- to Birdsville. All safety precautions were considered in the planning. With the action plan completed, the next step was the execution.

Luckily when they flew to Birdsville, Nathan our pilot reported calm weather and smooth flying conditions. After some testing, Dan and Will were able to fix a faulty circuit breaker, and with that, the tanks started filling providing the town with water once again. We were extremely glad when they reported that it was fixed.

The next challenge was to fly back to Boulia as the conditions were not the best, but Nathan handled it perfectly and returned and made them back home safely! We take pride in having an amazing pilot as part of our team.

"I then flew the town heroes back to Boulia…in slightly more turbulent conditions being mid-afternoon on a hot day, but they took it like champs, and we all made it with a smooth landing back to Boulia safe and sound" - Nathan.

The plan was a success and worked as intended. Our Partner Stuart who was also an essential member of the plan was delighted to see such a result and highlighted the importance of valuing the community where we live. Our commitment to our community is at the top of our priorities and we are proud of having positively contributed to the community in such a way. The GBA aircraft allowed us to quickly respond to the failed water supply, create a quick action plan considering all safety and precautions and solve the issue in a matter of hours, allowing the community to have a vital source returned to working order.

We are not just proud, but also thankful to have the support of the Council, Dan, Will, the community itself, and all of the team involved.


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